Mommy Makeover – Fundamentals Explained

Last Sunday, I attended a school reunion lunch. I was thrilled to meet my old buddies and especially my friend Sana, who used to be a supermodel back then. But now she looked completely changed. Though she still had a flawless complexion and an elegant gait, but it was horrifying to see an ugly paunch, sagging breasts and ample stretch marks on her waist visible through her sari. Mona, one of my other friends told me that Sana had two late pregnancies and a couple of miscarriages attributing to the sorry state of her body. I was happy to hear about her kids as she was having a trouble conceiving for very long years post marriage but at the same time, what had become of her? I was distressed!Have a look at mommy makeover for more info on this.

Pregnancy, one of the divinely gratifying experiences of life, marks a foray into the motherhood. But at the same time it also brings with itself a hoard of nasty bodily changes like sagging and disproportionately shaped breasts, wobbly stomach, hideous stretch marks, increased pigmentation and augmented hair fall. Sadly, no amount of exercising and dietary restrictions can bring back that pre pregnancy body. The good news is that now days, many non invasive procedures are available which can help in restoring back that healthy body and hair. These are an assortment of services labeled as Mommy Makeover.

Mommy makeover comprises of many treatments like:
• Laser Facial: Skin polishing facial removes dead skin cells with a post laser facial that gives you a radiant, smooth face. It boosts collagen stimulation making the face firmer, tighter and younger looking in a painless fashion.

• Therapeutic Massage: In therapeutic massage, chronic pains and aches are treated. The process is administered by expert medical practitioners. Massages including Swedish massage, Ayurveda massage, aroma massage, slimming massage, etc. are also widely given to restore the tone and elasticity of the body.

• Body Sculpting and Toning: Micro-circulation improvement purifies your skin and improves the blood circulation. This treatment facilitates in regaining your youthful figure to make you look and feel young. It makes your body firm, tones it and stimulates the lymph nodes for better drainage purposes.

• Diet Counseling: While taking non invasive body contouring treatments, you also need to manage your diet intelligently. For this, trained dietitians and nutritionists give a personal advice on how to eat and live healthy.

• Hair Treatments: Many hair treatments like hair spa, massages, and hair transplantation procedures are available to restore the lost hair.

• Psychological Counseling: Many women undergo post delivery depression, so it is imperative that they also go for some counseling session to bring back the confidence in life and de-stress.